High-Precision Deep Zoom


DEHP-IIa fractal video frame


A significantly improved version of this video, re-rendered in full 640x480 resolution, with slower zooming, and great new music is available at DEHP-III. Or feel free to enjoy this original version for comparison.

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File Size and Type:30.0 MB WMV
Vital Statistics
Date Generated:8 Aug 07
Final Image Size:1.0e-78
Video Length:3:08
Rendering Time:287:14 hours
Method:Distance Estimator
Audio:SmartSound SonicFire


This animation zooms into the center of a Julia set in the antenna (west) part of the main set, then pans up and keeps zooming in to smaller Julia sets, ending finally at a size of 1e-78. When the animation pauses and starts to pan (at time index 1:20 minutes), the size of the image is 1e-21. This is one of my favorite animations, and I have plans to redo it at 640x480 and to continue to higher magnification as well.