Privacy Policy

Yes. This little website needs a privacy policy because it collects personally identifiable information. Can you believe it? Also, having a compact privacy policy helps web browsers feel good about the site, and that is good for everyone.

Basic Policy

Any personal information collected by this site will be used only to send you the monthly newsletter.

Obviously, in order to send you anything, we have to collect your email address. Additionally, you may choose to provide your name. Doing so will help ensure that the newsletter gets past your spam filter.

No Third Parties

Your email address and name will be copied to the list in the email service used to distribute the newsletter. Your information will not be given to anyone else for any other purpose unless some bizarre, unfathomable legal situation compels such release under a court order or subpoena.

The service used to distribute the newsletter has a strict policy of absolutely never copying or selling any of their clients' lists.


Your email address is safe here.

Tracking and Evil Spy-Type Activities

HPDZ.NET uses no cookies, web bugs, or any type of personally-identifiable tracking information. Only standard anonymous site visitor statistics are accumulated. Well, OK, those statistics include the originating IP address, so if you consider that to be personally identifiable, be careful.

Compact Policy

This website has a compact privacy policy that encapsulates the above statements in a machine-readable format for web browsers. To view a human-readable equivalent of the compact privacy policy, click here.

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