High-Precision Deep Zoom


DEHP-III "Cardano"

This is a rework of DEHP-II. It is rendered in full 640x480 resolution and slowed down a bit so you can better appreciate the structures that appear. The colors have been changed a little, and the music in the second stage (after it pauses then starts moving again) has been replaced with "Krypton" by Technetium.

Sample Frames
DEHP-III clip 0DEHP-III clip 1DEHP-III clip 2DEHP-III clip 3
DEHP-III clip 4DEHP-III clip 5DEHP-III clip 6DEHP-III clip 7
DEHP-III clip 8DEHP-III clip 9DEHP-III clip 10DEHP-III clip 11
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MP4320x240 768 kbps 17.1 MB quick draft quality FAST START
640x480 4Mbps 82.3 MB high quality FAST START
WMV320x480 768 kbps 17.1 MB quick draft quality
Vital Stastics
Date Generated:25 May - 6 Jun 2008
Final Image Size:1e-78
Video Length:4:08 of fractal, 4:36 total
Rendering Time:149 hours (give or take)
Method:Distance Estimator
Audio:SonicFire and Technetium

Gerolamo Cardano

Gerolamo Cardano (1501-1576) was one of the first mathematicians to begin using what are now called "imaginary" numbers, which form the mathematical foundation that the Mandelbrot set is built  upon. This work is named in his honor.