High-Precision Deep Zoom

Technical Info - Old Main Computer

Update November 2010

The Core2-quad system has been superseded by the Core i7 980X system.

Please visit the Core i7 980X page for details on the latest hardware.

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Core2 quad fractal rendering sytem

Here's a shot of the unit sitting on my table.

Yes, it has a clear side panel with a fan that has multi-colored LEDs in it, and yes, the front panel also has LEDs. It's marketed as a "gaming" PC, and there was no easy alternative case option. This is actually kind of cool. It's growing on me. All future animations will be cranked out by this thing.

You can see the old Dell Precision 360 in the background, looking kind of sad and feeling a little intimidated.

Core2 quad fractal rendering system

This is the interior.

Pretty sparse, but that's what I wanted. All I need is CPU power. That's a modest 160 GB SATA hard drive there. There'a also a DVD player at the top that you can just barely see.

Core2 quad fractal software screen shot

This is a screen shot of one of my benchmark tests. (I should have used PrtScr, but I had the camera in my hand and I wasn't thinking).

This is a rendering of the set in a 4x4 box centered at (0,0) with an escape count of 1000, using 384-bit high-precision arithmetic, or 12 DWORDs (see the lower-right corner), and with the Distance Estimator drawing method. Of course, the precision is set that high only for benchmark purposes; you could easily render this image with standard math precision.

The color palette is not set up, so the image is nearly monochrome.

This was drawn in 13 seconds, compared to about 55-56 seconds on the Precision 360.