High-Precision Deep Zoom


ProjectX fractal video frame


This was intended as a test project, but it ended up looking so good I had to put it on the web site.

Yes, it's yet another zoom into the western spike region, but it is really gorgeous and is definitely worth a look. The name refers to X as in the Roman numeral 10 (it was the tenth test run on this system), but it sounds cool and inspired the creepy effect for the end credit.

Further thoughts June 2010

The weird "X" effects at the end could be done without. But otherwise, two years later, this remains a stunningly beautiful video. The curves created by the distance estimator are visually voluptuous and seductive, and the colors here are just amazing, with silvery grays blending into cool blues, then transitioning smoothly to golden orange and yellow, with a visit occasionally from luscious green.

Enjoy the new high bit-rate encodings in WMV and MP4 formats!

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Vital Statistics
Date Generated13 Apr 08
Final Image Size2.1e-33
Rendering Time8 hours
MethodDistance Estimator
AudioCustom composition using Acid Pro 6