High-Precision Deep Zoom


Centanimus fractal video frame


This was formerly the deepest zoom on this site, and probably the deepest fully-calculated zoom created at the time it was originally made, but it has been surpassed by Ununennius. It was for a time the deepest zoom ever done with the distance estimator method, but has been surpassed in that respect as well.

Update May 2011: I found two high-bitrate encodings of this project just sitting there on the server with no links to them! The download table below has been updated to fix this.

Download Options
MP4 and MOV Files (QuickTime player)
Original low bitrate MOV9.1 MB320x240 15fps500 Kbps
New higher bitrate MP4175 MB640x480 30fps9 Mbps
WMV Files (Windows Media Player)
Original low bitrate8.5 MB320x240448 Kbps
Vital Statistics
Date Generated1 Apr 08
Final Image Size6.6e-102
Video Length2:27 min
Frames3720 (2:04 of actual animation)
Rendering TimeApproximately 95 hours (not sure of total time -- the rendering got interrupted a couple of times)
MethodDistance Estimator
AudioCustom composition using Acid Pro 6


This deep zoom is similar in design to E100. It zooms in to a mini-brot which is very close to the fixed point at (-2, 0), also known as "utter west" since it is at the extreme tip of the fiber that protrudes from the left of the set. The final size is 6.6E-102. At about time index 1:04, when the video seems to break away from zooming in to utter west (this is an illusion -- it is always zooming in to the same point), the magnification is about 1e-50.

This is drawn with the Distance Estimator method, at 30 frames per second, every frame at 640x480 pixels, and no interpolation or "tweening".

The video is named after my goal of finding a mini-brot smaller than 1E-100. This is the highest magnification animation on this web site, although, like E100, it is rather boring since it just zooms straight into a fixed point then straight into a mini-brot. However, you do get a good long look the period-doubling effect that happens when you zoom in like this, uncluttered by other mini-brots or spirals or anything else. It is simple, clean, and pure. It's the HPDZ equivalent of a cold glass of vodka, neat. The music is kind of fun too.

Centanimus and E100 are basically trial runs of extreme zooming. This is the last time I will post a zoom in to something trivially easy like this.