High-Precision Deep Zoom


Anim08-03-13 fractal video frame


One of the first non-trivial videos published here, this has become one of the most frequently downloaded animations on this site.

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Vital Statistics
Date Generated:13 Mar 08
Final Image Size:4.0e-22
Video Length:1:03 min
Rendering Time:154:38
Method:Distance Estimator
Audio:Custom creation with ACID Pro 6


This is a modest deep zoom that I rendered in early March 2008 just to get re-acquainted with my software after taking a break from it for almost a year. It is modest in terms of its zoom depth, but actually it is the second-longest run I've made to date in terms of CPU time, at nearly 155 hours. This is because it zooms into a cusp of a mini-brot early on, so the average iteration count is always very high, and also because it uses the distance estimator drawing method, which is significantly slower than the standard method. This video is quite short, but really one of the most beautiful zooms I've made. And the music is cool too.